What IS a Mod Lady?

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A “Mod Lady” is just a short version of a Modern Lady, but here at Mod Lady Thingz we’ve refined the typical definition and made one that WE believe fits society better 😊 

P.S. SOME of Our Mod Lady Definition Inspiration comes from thoughtcatalog.com 

We did edit what we used. 

 (Because we give credit where the credit is due, it’s Mod Lady Like.)  


Mod Ladies do things like: 

  1. Show genuine appreciation for things you genuinely appreciate. Being too cool to show gratitude is never cool.  


  1. Educate yourself. Read the news channel blogs (not JUST the gossip blogs), Self Help books, blogs like www.lifehack.org, and online course sites like lynda.com to pick up that new skill you’ve always wanted to learn (by the way, you can get a FREE account via your library card.) Learning something new CAN be exciting! 


  1. Be independent. Do not depend on a man, your parents, your bestie, for anything. Support yourself, financially and emotionally. 


  1. Treat everyone with respect.EVERYONE. Speak, say “Good Morning” to the janitor just like you would another co-worker. 


  1. Be well-groomed. Brush your teeth and hair, even if it’s a messy bun! Slicked edges or no? You Decide! Get up five minutes early to iron that shirt you’re going to wear, or don’t. Wrinkle Free isn’t always necessary. 

There’s no need for a perfume bath unless you want to, but at least be clean, lol.  


  1. Laugh more. Learn to laugh at yourself. Being a super serious, uptight lady in a corset is so 19th Century.


  1. Be honest. If something is bothering you, be open about it. Passive-aggressive behavior is super unattractive. 


  1. Have ambition. At work, in life. Have goals that amount to more than finding a man (there really is much more to life, and other important relationships to maintain too, not just romantic.) 


  1. Be someone you admire. Make decisions you are proud of. Strive to be the kind of person you think is amazing. Though it’s easier said than done work at it every day and cut yourself some slack on the tough days. 


  1. Be your best self. Stay true to yourself. Even if it means disregarding any of the above suggestions. No two people are exactly alike. Shape yourself into the woman you want to be – not the woman someone else thinks you should be.

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