Mod Lady Thingz | About Us

Mod Lady Thingz is an online women's Apparel and accessory shop created for the Modern Lady with Personality, with ladies of all shapes, sizes and walks of life in mind.

We create unique t-shirts and other merchandise for women entrepreneurs, boss moms, and modern ladies to express themselves and their personalities! 

Mod Lady Thingz was created by Sherrelle Taylor, once she realized that the traditional 9-to-5 career just didn't fit her lifestyle. Being a mother of two beautiful girls with Autism, in the past, Sherrelle had to frequently rearrange her schedule, cancel job interviews and even quit jobs to maintain home & take care of her children with Special Needs. Having to work from home over the years (with side jobs here and there) she has gained a multitude of experience in Customer Service, Graphic Design & more, allowing her to design and launch her own store, Mod Lady Thingz.